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Increase the traffic and sales of your online store with our product description writing service

How EcomContent helps boost your conversions

At EcomContent, we help online stores similar to your online store significantly increase their traffic, search engine rankings, and conversion rates through highly effective product descriptions.

Our team of professional eCommerce writers creates high-converting product descriptions that will drive relevant traffic and turn the visitors of your website into lifelong customers.

Are you ready to get noticed by your target audience and grow your traffic and sales?

Affordable pricing, huge impact

Our writing service starts at just 100 words. We charge $9 per 100 words. It’s possible to place a small order to try out our service. A discount of 25% is automatically applied to orders over $100.

You can try our service completely risk-free. We offer a full money-back guarantee as well as unlimited free revisions.

How our service works

Step #1

Place an order here. Choose how many product descriptions you would like to receive and how long each product description should be. Simply send us the URLs of the products (either your own product pages or your suppliers’ product pages). That’s all we need.

Step #2

Within a few days, you’ll receive your product descriptions, written by one of our highly experienced eCommerce writers. We have a team of over 60 writers and we will match your project with a seasoned writer who is experienced in your niche to guarantee the best possible results.

Step #3

Publish the product descriptions on the product pages of your online store and enjoy an increase in conversion rate and search engine rankings. If you are not happy with the product descriptions, you can request a full refund.

The results you can expect

On average, EcomContent customers see a conversion rate increase of 25-35% after publishing the new product descriptions.

Frequently asked questions

How does this service work exactly?

Our product description writing service helps online stores like yours significantly increase their website traffic, boost conversion rates, improve search engine rankings, build brand awareness and generate more sales.

Simply send us the links to the products you would like us to work on and the best-suited writer will get started right away. Our team consists of highly experienced, specialized writers based in the US, the UK, Australia and Canada.

You’ll receive the ready-to-publish product descriptions in around 3 working days. All you have to do is publish the new product descriptions on your website for an increase in traffic and sales.

You can try our service completely risk-free. We provide unlimited free revisions as well as a full money-back guarantee.

For more information, please visit this page.

Who is this service for?

EcomContent specializes in helping online stores like yours grow their traffic and sales through top-quality content such as product descriptions.

Our product description writing service is a good fit for you in any of these cases…

  • You’re ready to significantly increase the traffic, sales, and brand awareness of your business.
  • You would like to improve the product descriptions of your website.
  • You don’t have the time or expertise to hire and manage writers and content marketers and don’t want to make costly mistakes in hiring the wrong people.
  • You want to show up for relevant buyer keywords in Google and generate more website visitors for the website of your business.
What are the benefits of using this service?

In short, our product description writing service will save you time and help you sell more.

You or someone on your team won’t have to spend valuable time and energy writing mediocre product descriptions. Our writers have years of experience in creating highly optimized, persuasive product descriptions that drive targeted traffic and significantly increase your sales. We take care of everything, including keyword research and audience research. All you have to do is simply publish the new product descriptions on your website. EcomContent customers report an average conversion increase of 25-35% after using our service.

Where do I find the pricing?

You can find our pricing on this page.

How do I get started?
To get started, place an order with us via this page. We’ll then assign the best-suited writer from our team, who will get started on your product descriptions as soon as possible. The ready-to-publish content will be shared with you via email in around 3 working days. We provide unlimited free revisions as well as a full money-back guarantee.
Where do I find samples of your work?

Samples of content created by our writers can be found on this page.

Where can I find reviews?

Customer reviews can be found on this page.

I have other questions. How do I contact you?

We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please reach out through live chat or send and email to

Trusted by over 2.300 online stores

eCommerce companies big and small trust EcomContent for their product descriptions.

Are you ready to increase the sales of through product descriptions?

Learn more about how we can help boost your traffic and sales and get started with our service completely risk-free.

   30-day money-back guarantee
   Over 2.300+ happy customers
   60+ in-house, US-based writers